Image: AppleEats Staff

It’s time we all learned the sobering truth. So here goes: If you’ve been picking up your hamburger the way it is served to you — with the bottom of the bun at the bottom of the sandwich — you’ve been doing it all wrong.

That admonition comes from no less an authority than TGI Fridays (which recently changed its name to just plain “Fridays”). On the restaurant’s Instagram account, it explains that “according to our experts, the best way to eat a burger is to flip it upside down. The thicker top bun soaks up the burger juices, helping keep that flavor in for longer.”

The “experts” further explain:

The reason that many say a burger tastes better when eaten ‘upside down’ is that the top bun is thicker. So, flipping your burger means that there is more bread underneath to absorb the juices and flavors from the burger and toppings as you bite into it.

But is there a potential downside to taking what Fridays calls the “Flip It Challenge”? As the experts go on to observe, “It also means that your tongue meets the toppings first and the burger second. Whether that tastes better to you is down to personal preference — so give it a try and let us know what you find!”

Wait. After berating us for eating our burgers wrong, Fridays invites us to do what we want, declaring it comes down to a matter of personal taste?

We’d hate to be an employee when the company conducts a fire drill.