Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and depending on your personal outlook and circumstances, that’s either good news or bad news. If you’re single and have no special someone but wish you did, the bad news just turned good.

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club on East 60th Street has your back tomorrow. Anyone who is single can stop by Primal Cut — the restaurant inside the club — and enjoy a romantic dinner with a Sapphire girl. The meal for the female entertainer is on the house.

“Everyone deserves to feel the love on Valentine’s Day, even if you’re single,” said Andrew Zarian, the club’s vice president. “Just because you don’t have a significant other to cuddle up next to doesn’t mean you can’t commemorate a holiday that honors love.”

On the menu, expect to find thick-cut glazed bacon, yellowtail hamachi, a Berkshire pork chop. If it’s steak you want, the house features Japanese a5 wagyu, a New York strip, and an Australian wagyu tomahawk for two. You can’t get much more romantic than that.

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, 333 E. 60th Street, 212-421-3600

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