Image: KFC

AppleEats recently informed readers of an arrangement through, whereby ice cream lovers could spend the night in a fully stocked ice cream truck. That deal, which gravitated around National Ice Cream Day, has passed. But now rival company is offering the chance to stay in a hotel that provides the main course.

The pop-up London hotel, dubbed House of Harland, is named for Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of KFC, and the opportunity will be music to the ears of food-lovers who share the colonel’s passion for the breaded, deep-fired bird.

According to the New York Post, the offer will run for 11 nights starting Aug. 18 and will be available for one night only per guest:

The package includes a black Cadillac — the “Colonelmobile” — that will pick up guests and take them to the hotel, where a “chick-in” clerk will greet them, the company said.

Guests will have access to a “Hot Winger” arcade machine and a private cinema showing chicken-themed flicks. Rooms are decorated in poultry themes and guests will slip into sheets or use towels with a fried chicken motif.

But the best part of the stay comes in the event the guests become “peckish.” When this happens, they press a “press for hot chicken,” which ensures a delivery of hot chicken will be rushed to their room.

The room rate is $154 a night, with all proceeds going to the KFC Foundation, which supports youth organizations. Guests are also given a $139 food allowance.

Now for the bad news: The promo sold out within minutes of going on line.