Try Out This New App and Receive Free Barista-Made Coffee

Image: Pexels / Pixabay

How much do you spend each month at Starbucks or some other purveyor of specialty coffee? Suppose you could buy three of those coffees a week, or 12 a month, all for $8 plus sales tax?

Now you can thanks to CoffeesUp, a new app debuting in New York that is partnering with selected cafes and coffeeshops to keep the cost of your coffee habit down. Once you’ve subscribed to the app, you place an order at the cafe of your choice and are notified when your coffee is “up.” You can then enjoy your coffee at the venue or take it away to sip as you go.

The source of the coffee supplied to partners is Abbotsford Road Coffee Specialists, a roastery in Brooklyn that produces high-quality specialty coffees. A complete list of partners and participating cafes can be found here.

Right now CoffeesUp is featuring a 14-day free trial that entitles new subscribers to enjoy three coffees a week or six over the two-week period at no charge.