Tomorrow Is Fruitcake Toss Day (a Pox on It)

Another Jan. 3 — aka Fruitcake Toss Day — is upon us. As we noted last year around this time and bears repeating, 15% of Americans who claim to hate the cake that is the butt of jokes every Christmas admit they have never tasted it.

That won’t top celebrants of this mock food holiday from engaging tomorrow in the annual ritual of seeing how far they can fling one of the much-maligned (and expensive to make!) sweets. So serious are the citizens of Manitou Springs, Colo. about tossing their fruitcakes that several hundred of them will gather in the center of town to see who can catapult their cake the farthest. Slingshots and even canons will be used for the ritual.

For the small minority of Americans who like fruitcake (yo!), we again urge you to donate uneaten cakes you have received to a local food shelter whose guests don’t have the luxury of tossing out good food.

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