Consumer Reports has a must-read survey out that compares and rates several of the food delivery services — DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats — that have seen their business soar thanks to the coronavirus.

The survey covers the pitfalls all of us have encountered, such as menu confusion, mistimed deliveries, and communication struggles with delivery drivers.

But in addition, the feature also includes tips for improving the experience of ordering in from restaurants, a few of which are designed to save you money. Some you are probably already aware of, such as introductory deals for first-time users, but several ideas that may not have occurred to you include:

  • Ordering more than one meal’s worth of food. For example, buy not only tonight’s dinner, but also tomorrow’s lunch, which translates to money in your pockets since you’ll be paying only one delivery and service fee. This strategy has the added benefit of increasing the restaurant’s revenue. There’s a selfish motive, too, if you’re ordering from one of your favorite restaurants, which you should be doing, since it increases the chances it will remain in business once the pandemic ends.
  • Coordinate deliveries with your neighbors. If you’re not friendly with the residents of the other apartments on your floor, here’s a chance to break the ice. If you place one communal order for several households, you can really save on the charges.

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