H&H's tax-free bagel

On Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19, Citi Field will be transformed from a ball park to a melting pot as the second annual World’s Fare at Citi Field gets underway, celebrating the rich cultural diversity of New York City’s food industry. More than 100 of the city’s notable ethnic food vendors from the five boroughs will be on hand to peddle their wares, as will more than 60 craft brewers. Activities for the younger attendees will include games and face painting.

Tickets, which can be purchased here, are $45 for each of two two-hour sessions per day. Note: Tickets cover the cost of admission only. Food must be purchased separately.

How H&H Bagels Beat the Tax Man

Did you know that New York State charges an obscene 8.875% sales tax on “prepared sandwiches”? Did you know, moreover, that if your morning bagel is “schmeared” with cream cheese, it will be treated as a “prepared sandwich” and you will be taxed accordingly?

The people at H&H Bagels know — and they have taken preemptive action. Last month, the 50-year-old bakery launched its “tax-free bagel,” a regular bagel pre-stuffed with cream cheese.

The move was a collaborative effort between H&H and Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The stuffed bagel they jointly produced does not need to be cut in-store, allowing the partners to sell it as an unprepared bread product.

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