Jacob's fried chicken sandwich

Jacob’s Pickles, the Upper West Side restaurant dedicated to all things pickle, will be bringing a smile — not to mention a pucker — to the lips of Mets fans again this season with the return of its food concession to Citi Field.

New to the Jacob’s stadium menu are two variations on the fried-chicken-on-a-glazed-donut sandwich theme, the difference coming down to degrees of heat. The spicy variant is served with hot honey sauce, whereas the non-spicy option is topped with honey BBQ sauce.

Jacob’s legendary fried pickles with spicy red mayo can be purchased at any of the three Jacob’s stadium locations, as can his fried Oreos.

One novelty for hungry but indecisive fans is the Citi Field Game Day Food Tour. Available for the first time this year, the tour includes stops at the stadium’s top vendors, including the Clover Home Plate Club, Caesars Sportsbook at The Metropolitan Grille, and Coca-Cola Corner. The price? $150 per person.

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