The ‘Seinfeld’ Cookbook: A Gift for the Seinfeldholic in Your Life

Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook

Shopping for a gift for a friend or relative who loved “Seinfeld,” the sitcom that by its own lights was “about nothing”? You could buy the person a boxed set of all nine seasons of the show, but that would be pointless since the show is still available in reruns. Or you could pre-order a copy of “Seinfeld: The Official Cookbook,” due for an Oct. 11 release.

The book contains more than 60 recipes inspired by shtick from the show, among them the “big salad,” mulligatawny soup (the soup Elaine ordered from the Soup Nazi), marble rye, a lobster “revenge” omelet, chocolate babka, and the black and white cookie (the last two items both from the same episode). For a show about nothing, the characters certainly spent plenty of time talking about food, shopping for food, or meeting at “the coffee shop” (aka Monk’s).

The book, which sells for $34.99, can be pre-ordered from Amazon.