Duck confit on brioche (Image: Steak Frites Bistro)

Starting Monday, March 6, Steak Frites Bistro, the French steakhouse that has been playing to a full house since it opened for dinner in January, will expand its menu offerings to include lunch.

Expect highlights from the midday menu to include duck confit on a brioche roll with black truffle mayo and pommes frites or a petite salade. Befitting the restaurant’s name and dedication to red meat, a sandwich of sliced steak on a baguette with melted onions and mushrooms, garlic aïoli, and Gruyère will also be offered.

Skyline Chili Hiding in Plain Sight

Edward’s, an unassuming bistro in Tribeca that has been plying its trade since 2001, is hardly new. Yet, somehow it has escaped our ken lo these many years, despite its having received a feature writeup in the New Yorker in 2009. What makes the restaurant noteworthy now, well into its third decade, is its menu of “Cincinnati specials” served the last Monday of every month. And what dish typifies the Queen City more than any other? The answer is Skyline Chili.

Image: Skyline Chili

The recipe, developed by Greek immigrants who opened the first branch of their citywide chain in 1949, is unusual to say the least, concocted with a heady spice blend that is especially heavy on the cinnamon. (As with southwestern chili, beans are not part of the basic iteration of the dish.)

In case the spicing is not sufficiently exotic, the chili is traditionally served atop pasta or spooned over pigmy hot dogs known as “Coneys.”

So is it good? Having sampled it once at the source, we leave that decision for readers to make. Edward’s, 136 W. Broadway, 212-233-6436.

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