How to Snag a $5 Waffle Cone for a Buck This Weekend

Image: Wowfulls

The secret is no secret at all. It’s simply a matter of timing. Be one of the first 25 customers to show up Wowfulls on Houston Street this coming Saturday (March 31) or Sunday (Apr. 1), when the store celebrates it first anniversary, and your ice cream cone will cost $1.

Wowfulls, should the name be unfamiliar, specializes in Gai Dàn Jai, egg waffles that were once found only in the streets of Hong Kong. The cones are crispy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, and come in a host of exotic flavors. The house blends matcha, powdered tea leaves, to make green tea egg Gai Dàn Jai with white chocolate chips.

Come celebrate Wowfulls One Year Anniversary on March 31st! We are super thankful for the support from our followers and the local community since we opened on East Houston street. . What to expect at the store: •$1 Dollar Wowfulls & a Wowfulls pin for the first 25 people on Saturday and Sunday (3/31 & 4/1). Small tickets will be given to avoid anyone skipping •$5 Dollar Wowfulls or milkshake for the rest of the day after the first 25 •New ice cream flavors . Instagram 1 Year Anniversary: Sweepstakes: 5 random lucky winners will be chosen to win 1 Wowfull and a Milkshake. How do you participate? 1. Follow us on Instagram 2. Tag 2 friends you would like to share it with on this post . NOTE: You must live within the tristate (NYC, CT, NJ). Winners will be DM via Instagram on 4/2. . Let’s “Spring” back into season and enjoy some Wowfulls and ice cream!

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