Sign of the Times: A Mexican Restaurant Specializing in Chilaquiles Opens

Image: La Chilaqueria

According to Thrillist, 2017 was the year when New York came of age as a “taco town.” Although opinions may differ as to the precise date when the city earned that official-sounding distinction or to which restaurant serves the most authentic tacos, the term taqueria is firmly implanted in the lexicon of locals.

Last September a new specialist in the tortilla-based world of Mexican cuisine joined the fray. Called La Chilaquería, the restaurant offers up some two dozen variations on the chilaquile theme.

In case the dish is not familiar to you, chilaquiles are eaten in Mexico predominantly at breakfast time and consist of corn tortillas cut into quarters and lightly fried, then doused with a green or red salsa. From that base, the dish might be adorned with fried eggs, stewed meats, queso fresco, and more. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Co-owner Alfonso Amador freely acknowledges that his little storefront, located in the Flower District, is unique. But judging from the number of people who are already crowding in daily, expect that to change. La Chilaquería, 139 W. 28th Street (bet. Sixth and Seventh Aves.), 917-388-3823.