Ella's Flats

Still looking for ways to shed your “COVID 15”? The reference is not to a new strain of the dreaded virus but to the extra pounds so many of us gained during a year of sheltering in place.

If that includes you, you’ll want to know about a product that just came across our radar. Called Ella’s Flats, this crunchy snack replacement consists of crunchy disks concocted entirely from seeds, meaning they are gluten-free, should that be a concern. The crisps are also non-GMO, high fiber, sugar-free, and protein-rich.

Ella’s Flats

Ella’s Flats were dreamed up by Ellen Macks, a health-conscious, energetic mom of three with an appetite who was looking for a healthful alternative to processed snack foods.

The million-dollar question as always is how do they taste. The general consensus among our tasters was favorable. The snacks have a distinctive snap when bitten into, not unlike flatbread. Some of our tasters described the texture as a cross between a cracker and a rice cake.

Their mild flavor makes them perfect vehicles for hors d’oeuvre. Gravlax, cream cheese, and fresh dill is a match made in heaven. But these snacks also tasted great with just a scrape of sweet butter or a smear of peanut butter. The flats also come in assorted flavors — sesame, caraway, everything, cumin, and hemp — making them ideal for mixing and matching.

If we have one grievance it is that the retail price, $7.49 per 6-ounce resealable pouch, tends to be on the high side, as is often the case with boutique products. Ella’s Flats are available at Amazon, Whole Foods, and other high-end stores.