Image: New York Coffee Festival

Some people drink coffee in the morning for the jolt of caffeine it provides. Yet some drinkers are so serious about their brew that they can clean a Pietro grinder with the appropriate brush, carry out the burrs replacement, and reassemble the unit in record time.

Whether you fall in the first category, the second, or somewhere in between, you may want to check out the New York Coffee Festival coming to the Metropolitan Pavilion on Oct. 6 and running through the 8th.

The festival is open to the trade and to coffee lovers of all persuasions. This year’s event will include a Coffee Masters NYC competition for baristas (the first prize is $5,000, so you know it’s serious), plus lesser competitions and giveaways. There is even a Cocktail Masterclass where attendees can learn the art of cocktail-making from world-class mixologists.

Tickets, which run from $15 (for children) to $120 for a Super VIP may be purchased here.

Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th Street. For more information, contact: