Ayat (Image: Instagram]

In the old saying there’s talking the talk and walking the walk. Last November we reported on a new Palestinian restaurant that had opened on the Upper East Side, which is home to a large Jewish population. Unable to avoid the 800-pound yarmulke in the room, the restaurant, Al Badawi, chose to address its “interesting” geography by penning on Instagram, “[O]ur thoughts turn towards a future where lasting peace and boundless happiness thrive, fostering a peaceful environment where Jewish and Arab communities coexist seamlessly.”

Then earlier this month, we learned that Al Badawi’s sister restaurant chain, Ayat, in Brooklyn, had committed the unforced error of lumping seafood selections on its menu under the heading “From the River to the Sea.”

Now the restaurant’s owners are attempting to walk the walk. According to the New York Post, the owner of the chain, Abdul Elenani, has announced he is hosting a free sabbath dinner this coming Friday, Jan. 26, at his Ditmas Park location:

On social media, Elenani and his wife, Ayat Masoud, posted: “In the spirit of togetherness and understanding, we invite all our incredible neighbors, especially our Jewish neighbors, to a heartfelt shabbat dinner at Ayat Restaurant. It’s not just about breaking bread; it’s about breaking barriers, fostering dialogue, and connecting on a human level. … Let’s create a space where differences unite us, where conversations flow freely, and where bonds are forged. Together, let’s weave a tapestry of understanding and compassion that strengthens our beloved community.”

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