Image: Cupffee

According to a recent report in the Guardian, coffee has surpassed tea as the UK’s preferred drink, with 63% of respondents claiming they prefer a mug of joe in the morning. But according to another article, this one posted at Gov.UK, Brits had better get used to another difference in their morning beverage. Beginning tomorrow, Oct. 1, a ban will go in effect on single-use plastic, which includes the Styrofoam used by many coffee shops.

But one coffee shop in the city of Bristol has already replaced its plastic cups with alternatives that are edible. You read that correctly. You finish your beverage, then munch the cup it was served in. Bristol Live reports that the cafe in question, “Zero Green,” has already implemented the edible cups, which “are made from a thicker version of an ice cream cone, but taste similar and will easily last long enough before they go soggy.” All that remains after you have dispatched the cup, is a small biodegradable paper sleeve, which the user can easily recycle.

Although Bristol, England, is a long way to go for your morning brew, especially if you live in New York, don’t be surprised if the “Cupffee,” as the edible product is known, begins popping up in local coffee shops at home. The sustainable alternatives are already on sale at