Filthy Reuben (Image: Filthy Flats)

When you’re driving and get a flat, you change it. Unless getting the flat was your intention in the first place.

That appears to have been the philosophy behind Filthy Flats, which opens on Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn tomorrow, Apr. 15. The flats here are not car tires but bagels that have been hand-rolled, boiled, and then flattened before baking to give them their signature shape.

The menu at Filthy Flats is subdivided into four categories — Breakfast Flats, Signature Flats, Pizza Flats, and Rainbow Flat Desserts, all of which are served all day. (A fifth category, “Filthy Tots,” offers three variations on the tater tot.)

Sandwiches range in price from $7 to $13. Options include a tuna melt, a cranberry chicken salad, a Cubano, and a Reuben.

To celebrate its opening with customers, the restaurant will offer a 20% discount to all city employees, students, and faculty of city schools.

Filty Flats, 32 Court Street, Brooklyn, 718-885-4583.