Nathan’s Rolling Back Price of a Hot Dog to 5 Cents for Entire Summer

Nathan's Famous (Inage: Wikipedia)

Like other New York City restaurants, Nathan’s Famous in Coney Island has been cooling its heels during the pandemic. But now, as the contender for New York’s best hot dog contemplates its reopening, it is planning to greet its longtime faithful by rolling back the price of its vaunted sandwich to a nickel. That was the price in 1916. Today, the same red hot typically goes for $4.75.

Nathan’s Famous (Image: Instagram)

The deal is good on Thursdays only between the hours of 5 p.m. and closing, and in order to cash in you have to buy a regularly priced item, such as an order of their excellent fresh-made crinkle-cut fries (the apple pie is not considered a regularly priced food item). But on the plus side, the deal is good throughout the summer.