Image: YouTube screen grab via AppleEats Staff

Talk about a dinner that has gone to pot!

Tock is advertising an 8-course all-inclusive high-end dinner that except for its price, $350, sounds more like a kidnapping than a night out. Consider some of the highlights of the pop-up event:

  • Participants will meet at a secret location in SoHo.
  • The chef, who cannot be identified, purportedly once held the post of executive chef at a Two-Michelin starred restaurant in the city.
  • Beverage pairings will be made by a high-profile mystery sommelier.
  • No photographs will be permitted.
  • Those who sign up for the event are urged to use discretion in talking about it.

The key to all the secrecy presumably is that the food will be infused with cannabis, even though recreational pot has been legal in New York since last September.

The event will take place tonight, Jan. 15 and again from Jan. 19 through the 29th. Tables, which may be booked here, are still available at selected hours.