Move Over Dinner and a Show. Make Way for Clean Clothes and a Beer

Don’t you just hate unitaskers? If so, you’ll love Pearl Lee’s Washtub, which is slated to open on Rogers Avenue in Crown Heights sometime this spring. The name isn’t just some fanciful jumble of words randomly chosen to create a memorable name for a restaurant. Pearl Lee’s will be an honest-to-goodness laundromat — complete with coin-operated washers and dryers — that also serves beer, wine, cider, and food.

As BKReader reports, the place will sell coffee, tea, and pastries to its early-morning patrons who show up with a load of laundry. Then, starting in the afternoon and continuing on into the evening, Pearl Lee’s will let its hair back. The coffee will give way to alcohol, the donuts to burgers and hot dogs inspired by Jamaican and Southern cuisine.

So how best to classify the business? Owner Theo DuPree prefers to call it a “laundro-bar,” adding, “I want the community to be able to come together in a space where they’re able to have an experience while doing something as mundane as laundry.”

Pearl Lee’s Washtub, 314 Rogers Avenue, nr. Montgomery St., Brooklyn.