Image: Ketchup or Makeup?

Earlier this year, AppleEats’s Madeleine Price reported on a fragrance that mimics the scent of fries. Now Brooklyn-based art collective mschf has come out with what some will view as the perfect complement. It’s called Ketchup or Makeup, and it is delivered in packets just like the ones that come in the bag with your fast food fries. Each packet contains either Fenty lip gloss or a dollop of the fire engine-red condiment. The kicker is you won’t know what’s in a packet till you tear it open. Considering the cost of ketchup, the product is pricey, even in these inflationary times. A limited-edition boxed set of six packets will set you back $25.

The Way the Cookie Crumbls [Sic]

Who makes the best cookies in the world? That’s a question with just about as many answers as there are cookies, but one brand that thinks it’s the best, Crumbl Cookies, is opening its first New York store. Make that “stores,” plural. According to East Side Feed, the Utah-based chain is putting down roots at 1195 Third Avenue (between 69th and 70th Streets) this month, followed by a second store across town in November. If you can’t wait, you can always mail order Crumbl’s cookies through a link at their website.

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