Image: Mars Wrigley

No, silly. Not Ghostbusters. You call M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad. That’s not some fictional entity. According to a press release from Mars Wrigley, the maker of M&Ms, this year for the first time ever consumers who run low on candy (or have been clandestinely dipping into the candy dish themselves!) can receive a fresh supply of the sweet stuff at no charge. The delivery will arrive, moreover, in under an hour.

The Rescue Squad, which is made up of members of the Gopuff delivery team, will go on call beginning at 3 p.m. on Oct. 31. You can summon the Squad to your home by entering your address in the address field on this page.

Tim LeBel, President of Sales and Chief Halloween Officer at Mars Wrigley, is quoted as saying:

The Halloween season is expanding, and enthusiasm is driving consumers to shop earlier and more frequently. As the authority on Halloween, we plan for the season years in advance to ensure we satisfy shoppers’ needs. From our first ever M&M’S Halloween Rescue Squad to new product innovations, we’re doing everything we can to inspire more moments of everyday happiness this season.