Breakfast, nutritionists are fond of telling us, is the most important meal of the day. It can certainly be the most comforting of the three daily squares, especially on weekends when there’s no need to bolt your food and head to the office. That’s why we are always happy to see a new breakfast restaurant join the fold.

Technically, Breakfast By Salt’s Cure, a newcomer to the Village, is open for lunch, too — its hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. — though they serve breakfast during the afternoon hours.

The place is a spin-off of an L.A. restaurant called Salt’s Cure but with a few important differences. One is that the menu at the California original does serve dishes that are more properly thought of as lunch fare: pork chops, curry-crusted salmon, a pulled chicken BBQ sandwich, assorted salads.

Another is that oatmeal griddle cakes, which get star billing at the New York satellite — there are five variations to choose from, and you can buy mix to make your own — don’t appear at all on the menu of the parent eatery.

But the most significant difference can be found in the FAQ section of Village menu. Namely, they don’t serve bacon. In its place they offer “a slice of pork shoulder quick-cured in molasseses [sic] that’s known on the menu as Picnic Ham. You like Bacon? You’ll LOVE the Picnic Ham.” And if you don’t?

Breakfast by Salt’s Cure also decides for you that you don’t need syrup on your griddle cakes. And they are flip about it, explaining, “The batter itself has the perfect amount of sweetness you seek, and when topped with our Sea Salt Butter and a padding of powdered sugar, you are good to go. Next question.”

Breakfast By Salt’s Cure, 27½ Morton Street (at Seventh Ave. S.), 646-719-1850.