Zip Top Storage Containers (Image: Zip Top)

On Thursday, millions of Americans will take part in a familiar ritual. We are not referring to the celebration of Thanksgiving but to the storing of leftovers at meal’s end. In many homes this ritual means dragging out the Snapware or Tupperware. These are fine storage solutions, except that they are space killers. Storage bags are a little better in this regard, but try propping them open while filling them with soup and you come face-to-face with their chief shortcoming.

We recently came upon a reusable kitchen storage product that sidesteps all of these limitations. The product is called Zip Top, and unlike other storage solutions, these have flat bottoms, which enable them to stand and stay open on a counter or in the fridge. Made of 100% platinum silicone, they also stay open while filling, and they zip shut when you’re ready to stash them away.

The product uses a one-piece construction method and is  microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe. Zip Top containers are also designed with easy-to-pour edges, wide and flared tops, and they are durable. Best of all, between uses, they nest, and have a small footprint.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Some products may seem infallible, but we humans are not. So what happens if you turn one of the containers upside down after it’s filled with, say, soup? The answer is “Nothing.” We even tried dropping a filled container, and the seal still held.

Zip Top reusable storage containers can be bought directly from the company as well as Amazon and other e-tailers.