Image: Kick Axe

When it rains it pours. Yesterday, we reported on a new restaurant built around the theme of survival in the wake of the apocalypse. Today comes further evidence that the mere acts of sustenance and conspicuous consumption are not reasons enough for some people to eat out.

The diversion at Kick Axe, in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, is axe throwing. No, this is not a situation where an irate chef storms out of the kitchen, cleaver in hand, to deal with a problem customer.

New Yorkers can now get their rage out at Kick Axea new bar in Gowanus that offers axe throwing. According to an item that ran in the New York Post in July, axe throwing is now one of the hottest competitive sports. Accordingly, Kick Axe is fitted out with ten throwing ranges, where diners/throwers can take part in a 75-minute session supervised by experts. The cost of a session is $35.

Right now, axe throwing is about all you can do at Kick Axe. As Eater notes, the restaurant is currently awaiting its liquor and health department licenses, meaning food and drink can’t be served on the premises. For now, Stuf’d Food Truck is periodically parked inside the 7,000-square-foot space, though the restaurant’s website further advises:

We cannot have hangry, thristy axe chuckers, so we sell beer/wine/soda/water/tea (ID required for the booze) and really crappy microwave food plus a high-end pop-tart selection, just in case (yesssss… to satisfy our food requirements for our liquor license)!

Sounds yummy!

Kick Axe, 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn 833-542-5293.

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