Arby's roast beef sandwich (Image: Arby's)

You have been a good boy or girl this year? According to fast food chain Arby’s, being good entails more than simply eating at a branch of the chain. Being good is having undertaken — and posted on social media — “feats of meat.”

According to an Arby’s press release via Fox News:

Arby’s is choosing select carnivores nationwide who have shared via their social channels their feats of meat throughout 2017, such as conquering the brand’s famous Meat Mountain or smoking a slab or ribs to perfection.

The reward in the form of a Christmas gift for those who have satisfied those criteria? It is a limited-edition “Meat” sweat suit. Via Fox:

This Christmas, Arby’s is giving their most dedicated fans the Meat Sweats — a pair of sweat pants with elastic waistband and a zip-up hoodie featuring photo-realistic stacked meats. The matching ensemble has “built-in bacon-patterned warming pockets” and “retractable bacon-patterned venting hood for maximum temperature control.” …

The company has released photos of the Meat Sweats, which bear the Arby’s logo. From a distance, they look a little like camo sweats. Close up, however, you can almost taste the meat.

Image: Arby’s via Fox News