Fabled Wine Shop Sherry-Lehmann Will Reopen After All

Image: Sherry-Lehmann

Never say never when it comes to New York’s iconic wine merchants. Sherry-Lehmann, which abruptly closed last month after suffering financial setbacks, will reopen next week with fully stocked shelves, according to the New York Post.

The 89-year-old Park Avenue institution, which has fallen on hard times, was a pale imitation of itself, stocking its shelves with schlock in place of its usual high-end vintage wares. State regulators ordered it closed for selling liquor without a license after an enforcement agent for the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) stopped by and made a purchase before flashing his badge.

Since then, a spokesperson for the business told the Post that it had done “a full physical inventory of our store, the vast cellar below it and our offsite warehouse facility,” adding:

With this work complete and our license fully active, we are excited to reopen the doors of our fully-stocked store on Tuesday, April 4th.

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