Lobster Roll (Image: Seamore's)

If you’ve tried ordering seafood from your local supermarket via Seamless over the past eight months, you’ve probably figured out that the pandemic has made it impossible to acquire even passable seafood. Nor is ordering fish from local restaurants the solution since they are dependent on the same vendors as the retail markets, and depending on their location the fish often arrives tired from its long journey.

But one local seafood emporium has built a better fish hook. It’s name is Seamore’s, and its ocean-to-table dining experience — nicknamed Shore to Door — delivers premium, locally sourced fish or cooked seafood direct to your table.

One especially appealing part of the Shore to Door concept for those of us concerned about the fate of our restaurants is that is provides an essential lifeline to eco-conscious fishermen, ocean farmers, and fishmongers who lack demand during the pandemic, especially for restaurant-reliant foods such as oysters. With an overstocked supply, there’s never been a better time to support the survival of local seafood.

If you lack sea legs when it comes to cooking fish in the home galley, Seamore’s Finish @ Home meal kit gives you step-by-step instructions and all the ingredients you need to cook your own lobster mac and cheese, lobster rolls, and more. You can order online or arrange for pick-up at Seamore’s Chelsea location at 161 8th Avenue.