Danny Meyer Emerges from the Drawing Board with His Latest Fast-Food Idea

Pizza at Martina

Fast food worked like a charm for Danny Meyer when he opened the first Shake Shack in Madison Square Park and sat back and watched the lines form. If he could do it for burgers, why not America’s favorite fast food?

Say hello to Martina, which in the East Village two weeks ago. And who is Martina? (That’s a question posed by the website, which it then answers by affirming that Martina is a thing, not a person:

Martina is a new, Roman-inspired pizzeria in the heart of the East Village from Nick Anderer, culinary creator of Maialino and Marta. The menu draws inspiration from the bustling neighborhood pizzerie of Rome that churn out thin-crust pizzas, fried snacks, cold beer, local wines, and seasonal antipasti.

The menu speaks a language utterly foreign to the thousand and one slice shops around the city but not to higher-end pizza establishments. Among the eight offerings are your classic Margherita, Quatro Formaggi, and an unusual number crafted with zucchini blossoms. The price range runs from $7 to $12 — cash only.

There are salads and a pair of tavola calda (hot table) items: chicken meatballs in tomato sauce with pecorino and a dish of white beans and sage.

Walk-ins only. This is fast food, after all.

Martina is located at 198 E 11th Street, (646) 747-6635. Open daily for lunch and dinner.