Cinnamon social (Image: Ole & Steen)

If you were accustomed to picking up your morning coffee at the Starbucks at the corner of Lex and 87th, some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that that Starbucks has closed. The good news is that you’ll still be able to get your morning coffee at that location, which is slated to reopen soon as a branch of the Danish bakery Ole & Steen.

The even better news is that you will be able to start your day off with one of O & S’s light and flaky spandauers (which is what Danish pastries are called in the homeland) or its legendary “cinnamon social,” a loaf cake made with roughly the same ingredients as a cinnamon roll but with the addition of a vanilla custard filling.

The location will also serve hot breakfast sandwiches and the open-faced sandwiches known as smørrebrød, with a variety of toppings.

Ole & Steen, 1280 Lexington Avenue (at 87th St.).

Dumplings to Go

If you have dined at the new Ukrainian SoHo restaurant Slava, then you have probably discovered the house’s infectious dumplings. Known as varenyky, these morsels are offered in both savory (meat, potato, cabbage) and sweet (cherry) incarnations.

Now the dumplings are available for pickup and delivery. Each package, priced at $35, contains approximately 25 varenyky. To assist with the crisis overseas, the restaurant is donating 20% of the proceeds from all sales to the Revived Soldiers Ukraine, a non-profit organization.

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