Image: Jones Wood Foundary

This coming weekend, England will coronate its first king in 72 years. In recognition of that event, Jones Wood Foundry, the food-driven pub that has been a beloved bastion of British fare for more than a decade, will be the site of weekend-long coronation festivities.

The eatery will be kitted out in the regal red, white, and blue of Union Jack bunting as the “veddy British” backdrop to the introduction of the pub’s new brunch and dinner menus. Captivatingly decorated with coronation-inspired graphics, they will boast new royal-related dishes and be complemented by the inauguration of the bespoke HRH 2003 cocktail. Live music will add yet another charming note to the Foundry’s “secret garden.” And the restaurant will even jump on the coronation memorabilia bandwagon with a collectible  specially commissioned mug featuring a colorful caricature of the king by British artist Robert Lawton on one side and the Jones Wood Foundry-King Charles III logo on the other.

Dishes for the Festivities at the Foundry weekend will include asparagus risotto, with lemon basil, leeks, maitake mushrooms, and toasted pine nuts (a nod to the culinary jewels of King Charles’s monarchial palate) and what Buckingham Palace declared the official coronation dessert, a strawberry and ginger trifle — layers of whipped cream, dark chocolate, and candied almond garnishes mounded up over a lemon drizzle cake base. Toasted crumpets, with lemon curd and butter, will also appear on the new brunch menu.

Jones Wood Foundry, 401 E 76th Street, bet First and York Aves, 212-249-2700.

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