Image: YouTube screen grab

Dollars to donuts you didn’t know that this coming Friday, June 1, is National Donut Day. (Actually, it’s one of two National Donut Days: Another occurs for some reason on Nov. 5.)

Anyway, this year dollars is the watchword, $5,000 of them to be exact, and they are yours if you win Entenmann’s contest to find a “Chief Donut Officer.” If you are selected, your prizes will include the cash, Entenmann’s-branded gear (a hoodie, a hat, a coffee mug, etc.), and a year’s supply of donuts (furnished in the form of a $364 pre-paid debit card).

Note that even if you don’t win, you can qualify for one of four runner-up prizes of $1,000 plus free donuts for a year.

The official rules are here.