Are Giant See-Through Lampshades the Answer to ‘Safe Dining’ au Restaurant?

'Lampshade for one, please.' (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Archetypically, lampshades are worn by drunken galoots for a gag at parties. But as we struggle to return to normalcy in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lampshade-like barrier is one of the solutions being proffered by innovators as a way of allowing restaurant-goers to have their meal and health, too.

As Reuters notes, French designer Christophe Gernigon has developed “a cylinder of transparent plastic that hangs from a cable on the ceiling. … A scoop cut out of the back allows diner to sit and stand up without having to bend over double.”

“I wanted to make it more glamorous, more pretty,” Gernigon is quoted as having said. The design is expected to go into production next week, and he several nations have expressed interest. The U.S. is not one of them, which means that at least for now we will have to settle for such solutions as dining amid mannequins.


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