Why Anthony Bourdain Can Expect a Visit from the Secret Service

Anthony Bourdain has no reservations about telling it like it is. (Image: YouTube screen grab via TMZ)

You’d think by now that anyone who appears regularly on TV would have realized that threats on the life of America’s president are taken seriously. That was true in the past, and it’s true now that Donald Trump is the commander-in-chief.

Comedian Kathy Griffin landed herself in plenty of hot water earlier this year when a viral photograph she posed for shows her holding up a severed Trump head.

Now it is celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s turn to face the music. Bourdain, who pulls no punches (check out the ten most insulting things he has said about Food Network), was asked last week by a TMZ reporter what he would serve if were asked to cater a dinner for the president.

Bourdain hardly blinked before answering “Hemlock,” which is a type of poison.

Bourdain has never been stand-offish about his disdain for Donald Trump. When asked last year whether he would dine with Trump if he were elected president, Bourdain replied in the negative, punctuating his answer with an obscenity. He added that he would never dine at a Trump-owned restaurant or hotel.

Having strong negative feelings toward another person, however, is very different from threatening against the life of the president, which the law takes a dim view of. Although Bourdain has insisted he won’t dine with Trump, he may soon be breaking bread with members of the Secret Service.

(h/t World News Politics)