After Entering Guilty Plea, Michael Cohen Did What a Real New York Foodie Would Do

Michael Cohen (Image via Twitter)

Imagine yourself in ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s shoes this past Tuesday. It was on that day that Cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts related to tax fraud, excessive campaign contributions, making false statements to a financial institution, and unlawful corporate contributions. He could very well be looking at jail time.

So what did Cohen do after leaving the courthouse? He went out to dinner! The condemned man eats a hearty meal, and all that.

According to the New York Post, Cohen dined at the trendy Upper East Side restaurant Le Bilboquet. According to eyewitnesses who saw him there, seated at one of the prime tables near the front, he “seemed pretty relaxed, surprisingly.”

There is no mention in the piece of what Cohen ate. The article does note that he “spent much of the dinner typing out lengthy messages on his phone,” which doesn’t sound all that relaxed to be honest.

As for the restaurant he chose, Le Bilboquet was hit in March with a wage theft lawsuit, and last October it was accused of repeated sexual harassment in a lawsuit. In short, it sounds like the ideal choice for dinner for a man in trouble with the law.