A Booby Prize for the Big Apple

Thanks, but no thanks. A new survey by the website Clever Real Estate ranks New York pizza at 15th out of a field of 50 cities. Adding insult to injury, the survey further reveals that the Big Apple is the source of the most expensive pizza in the U.S., with an average price of $28.60 for a large cheese pie.

So which city, according to the survey, has the best pizza? Denver. “The Mile High City is at the top of the mountain when it comes to the best pizza cities,” writes Matt Brannon, a data writer and author of the survey. Not content to rub our noses in it, Brannon goes on to report that Denver also has some of the most reasonably price pizza, with a large cheese pie selling for $16.79 on average.

If you’re bothered by these findings — and you really shouldn’t be — drilling down into the numbers reveals that they are based on a “passion score” which is “the volume of local Google search activity for 34 pizza terms.” That sounds fairly arbitrary to me. There’s also this:

New York City also has the country’s best reputation for quality pizza, according to Clever’s polling. About 41% of Americans say they consider NYC among the top five pizza cities in the U.S. — more than any other metro.

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