Survey Finds Most Women in New York City Prefer Food over Sex

In a scene from the hit sitcom 'Seinfeld,' George Costanza tests the theory from a male perspective. (Image: Castle Rock Entertainment via YouTube)

In the old joke, the staff of the rest home surprises one of its residents with a special gift for his ninetieth birthday. “Mr. Horowitz,” they announce cheerfully, “for your special day, we’ve arranged for you to have hot super sex.”

The old man thinks for a minute, then says, “Eh — I’ll take the hot soup.”

So will women in New York, according to a survey of female residents of the Big Apple between the ages of 25 and 65. The survey of 3,000 women, conducted in October by Everyday Health, found that a whopping 74% said they crave “amazing food” over “amazing sex.”

A summary of the findings in the New York Post quotes one of the respondents as allowing as how she’d “take buttery shrimp fajitas over a night of sex any day,” adding, “they’re always delicious and even sexy!”

Another is quoted as saying, “When you have a really good meal, you enjoy everything about it from start to finish, from the atmosphere, to the service and of course the way it tastes,” while yet a third observed:

You remember that great restaurant where you had that amazing dish, but you don’t remember the exact date you had good sex with someone.

That doesn’t do much for the ego of New York men, who nevertheless may take solace in acknowledging that maybe the findings are less an indictment of them as lovers than it is an affirmation that the city has great restaurants.

Yeah, let’s go with that.