Resurrecting the Now-Defunct K-Town Burger: Meet the Asian ‘Sloppy Joe’

The now-defunct K-Town Burger (Image: Uncle Sam's)

Once upon a time, a restaurant existed in New York that served burgers with an Asian accent. The restaurant, Uncle Sam’s, featured among its offerings something styled the K-Town Burger, which was fashioned out of Galbi beef and dressed with kimchi and fermented bean sauce.

Sadly, Uncle Sam’s went the way of all flesh, relegating the K-Town Burger (and the equally enticing 888 Burger — a shumai patty adorned with Canadian bacon, char-siu bacon, and sriracha mayo) to distant memories.

Happily, we happened across a recipe at Delish for an Asian Sloppy Joe that, if not identical to the K-town Burger, provides a pleasant reminder of the original. The video follows.

How To Make Asian Sloppy Joes

Never eating a sloppy joe the same way again. Full recipe:

Posted by Delish on Monday, March 12, 2018

A full printed version of the recipe may be found here.


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