Image: YUCO

*UPDATE*: Since this piece ran, we have been advised that the Wagyu ribeye steak and an equally high main course listing, braised oxtail en mole ($51), now carry a $10 surcharge when ordered as part of the prix fixe. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused readers.

Are you irked by restaurants that tend to leave all the “good stuff” off their prix fixe menu? I know I am.

Which is why I’m pleased to report on a restaurant that breaks with that long-standing  Draconian paradigm. It’s name is YUCO, and I’m hoping other New York eateries will follow suit.

Yuco, which opened in June and specializes in the cuisine of the Yucatan, has repurposed its bar area into what it calls the Agave Room. Reminiscent of the Monday Room at the late, great Public, the Agave Room is a venue for more casual diners.

Another option that sets the space apart from the main dining area is the availability of a three-course prix fixe menu priced at $95. Interested in starting with the crispy octopus with chipotle crema and nasturtium or Berkshire pork belly al pastor, both of which are priced at $32 à la carte? No problem. Neither is it problematic if your main course selection is Wagyu ribeye steak with a smoked chayote puree, pearl onion, and chili pepper demi glace, which retails for $54.

All things considered, you can run up a bill of $107 and still pay only $95.

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