New Dim Sum Restaurant Opens in Cobble Hill, But Main Draw Is RoboServer

Image: Dimmer and Summer

Despite a homily on the website of Dimmer and Summer crediting its kitchen with “innovating and modernizing the art” of dim sum, the contents of the menu — soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, roasted pork buns — look pretty familiar. Yet, one feature of the restaurant that does set it apart from its rivals, at least in Brooklyn, is its singing, joke-telling, hash-slinging waiter. Before you write the place off as another Pamplona (a now-defunct New York Spanish restaurant with a strolling balladeer who ended every number with “Applowse, please”), be advised that Dimmer and Summer’s waiter is a robot. One with the face of a pussycat, no less.

BellaBot (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Not all of the items on the menu are reruns. Among the novelties you will find a Philly cheesesteak bun, grilled octopus fritters (takoyaki), and a host of coffee beverages, including macchiato.

As for the robot, you may have seen automatons of this model, known as BellaBot, patrolling the floor of Chinese restaurants in Flushing. According to Brooklyn Magazine, however, this is the first cat bot to appear in Brooklyn.

Dimmer and Summer, 196 Smith Street (bet. Baltic and Warren Sts., Brooklyn, 929-295-9999.