Patty Melt (Image: Main Street Landing)

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like patty melts. To my mind, the blend of charred hamburger, grilled onions, and melted cheese between slices of grilled rye is impossible to improve on.

Or is it? The folks at Main Street Landing, in Dumbo, don’t think so. They elevate the status of the humble sandwich by replacing the ground beef with wagyu. In similar fashion, they give the tuna melt a makeover by replacing the StarKist with fresh ahi.

Naturally, as you might expect, the prices of the two sandwiches have also undergone an upward adjustment. The Patty Melt (which comes with fries) will set you back $25, and the Not Your Mother’s Tuna Melt goes for $26.

Main Street Landing, 15 Main Street, Brooklyn, 646-809-8447.