Great News: Manhattan’s Only Vertical Farm Now Selling Direct to Home Cooks

One thing I have been missing during this period of solitary confinement is my weekly walks to the green market in Union Square. Apart from the enjoyment of browsing the best that New York’s farms have to offer, I miss the pleasure of taking home produce that the supermarkets can only dream about selling.

Thanks to a new development, I have discovered that need not be the case. Farm.One, a hydroponic, indoor, vertical farm in TriBeCa, is now selling the microgreens, edible flowers, and rare herbs they have in the past reserved for New York’s Michelin-rated chefs and top bartenders to us home cooks.

Over 700 different types of crops, including over 100 varieties of microgreens, whose petite leaves contain a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, are now being sold directly to home consumers.

In addition to offering items that folks can use in home cooking, Farm.One is producing video experiences that pair with their herbs. What better way to pass the long hours of confinement than by watching a Virtual Tasting Tour Herb Pairing.

For more information on Farm. One, including prices, click here.