Image: Cracker Jack

With apologies to the Tin Pan Alley classic, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” I don’t know anyone who goes to Yankee Stadium or any other major league park and buys Cracker Jack. I’m not even sure ball parks sell the caramel-coated popcorn and peanut mix, and if they do they probably charge $15 a box.

Song lyrics aside, the snack brand, currently owned by Frito-Lay, has just gotten a makeover. From now on, Sailor Jack, the nautical but nice character who has graced the package since the product’s inception, will henceforth be sharing the spotlight with Cracker Jill — his little dog, too.

Image: Cracker Jack

Actually, make that Cracker Jills — plural. There are five of them, the idea being to showcase the diversity of women in the United States. Danette Leighton, chief executive of Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF), a nonprofit dedicated to getting more girls and women involved in sports, is quoted by Adweek as saying, “Representation matters — it encourages and inspires the next generation.”

But wait, there’s more:

To promote Cracker Jill, the brand partnered with musical artist Normani to create a reimagined rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” A clip showcasing the song, which includes lyrics such as “Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jill / No one can stop you if you have the will,” is scheduled to appear on social media and digital channels.

It looks like they’ve covered all their bases. Well, almost. Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to anyone involved in the development of the new product line that the name, Cracker Jill, carries some baggage.