Meet Wylie Dufresne, Pizzaiolo; How Much Cilantro Is Too Much?

Too Much Coriander Pizza (Image: Pizza Hut)

Remember Wylie Dufresne? At one time his temple to molecular gastronomy, wd~50, was a hot ticket.

Then in 2014, the restaurant closed, followed a year later by its spinoff, Alder. Dufresne’s next venture was a donut shop called Du’s in Williamsburg. But when the shop closed during the pandemic, Dufresne suffered from idle hands syndrome, which he cured by trying his hand at pizza.

Earlier this month, he launched Stretch Pizza on Park Avenue South. Don’t expect to find pies “cooked” with liquid nitrogen or made using an immersion blender. About the most exotic thing on the menu is “The “Oddfather,” a pizza concocted using smoked eggplant and Italian-style tempura crumbs. Stretch Pizza, 331 Park Avenue S., 212-301-7750.

How Much Cilantro Is Too Much?

For some people I know, the answer is that you can never have enough, while others consider one sprig of the herb a bridge too far. For those in the first camp, Pizza Hut has come out with a “too much coriander” pie. (Coriander is another name for the herb best known in these parts as cilantro).

The pizza, which is debuting in Japan, where it is called the “Pakuchi Sugite Kusa“ (Japanese for “Too Much Coriander Herb”), is piled high with the green stuff. According to the chain via JapanToday, the pie will be offered until Apr. 9.

Does the pizza have any chance of finding its way into the U.S. market? That remains to be seen, but if it does, would you be willing to try it?