Women in Restaurant Order Cocktail, Served Cleaning Fluid Instead

Gives a new definition to 'fire water.'

This is more than just a perverse take on the “waiter, what’s this fly doing in my soup” routine. This is a case of extreme carelessness that could have proved deadly.

According to Omaha ABC affiliate KETV, two women out for lunch at a La Vista, Neb., restaurant decided to try a new cocktail the bar had concocted. One of the two unsuspecting lunchers, Sarah G. Baker, describes what happened after each of them took a sip: “It was 15 minutes of vomiting, taking a breath, vomiting.”

Her companion, Dorothy Felker, said she felt as though her “mouth was on fire.”

The restaurant explained that the bartender accidentally served the women a chemical cleaning solution instead of the intended liqueur, Pama, which is purple from its infusion of pomegranate. alcohol. The restaurant has still not accounted for why the toxic chemical was inside the alcohol bottle behind the bar.

According to the article, the women were treated in the emergency room and followed up with visits to their doctors the next day.

The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission is looking into the incident. If it finds a violation — and it’s hard to envision how they won’t — the restaurant could have its liquor license revoked, suspended, or canceled.