When You Visit This New Ice Cream Parlor Bring Along Your Catcher’s Mitt

Image: Catch’n Ice Cream From Dylan Lemay

The Turks have a way with ice cream — a playful way. If you don’t believe it, scroll down to the video at this link. Better still, pay a visit to Catch’n Ice Cream From Dylan Lemay, which opened last Friday.

Catch’n’s M.O. — which entails flinging (literally!) balls of ice cream high in the air before catching them and delivering them to waiting customers — is unique. And so was proprietor Dylan Lemay’s approach to staffing his business. The 25-year-old Lemay posted the following half-minute video to TikTok, which opens with the question “You wanna work here?”

@dylanlemay [email protected] #nyc #job ♬ original sound – Dylan Lemay

Lemay got 70 applications off the video, and ultimately hired 15 people, according to GrubStreet. In the process he also became one of the most popular figures on social media, culling 11.2 million followers on TikTok, 3.69 million on YouTube, and over 300,000 on Instagram.

As Catch’n’s website notes, the store is “more than a simple scoop-and-go ice cream parlor.” Judging from some of the images posted at the website, that’s putting it mildly. So far, no reports of a wayward scoop landing on a customer have surfaced, but we’d suggest bringing along your catcher’s mitt just to be on the safe side.

Catch’n Ice Cream From Dylan Lemay, 65 Bleecker Street, https://catchnicecream.com/. 

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