Image: JillWellington / Pixabay

The witching hour is over, and now the sipping hour begins for oenophiles. And with it comes the question of which wine is best with Runts.

In truth, compatibility between the rejects from your kids’ Halloween bounty and the grape exists if you apply a little creative thinking. Begin by asking what all candy has in common. The answer is sugar, and lots of it. That may prompt some wine lovers to think in terms of dessert wine, but open a bottle of late-harvest Johannisberg Riesling to accompany your Skittles, and prepare to pucker.

Having established the common denominator in all Halloween treats, you can begin to search beyond it to see if you can establish a wine-candy connection.


Some candies are designed to play on the sweet-sour appeal that informs dishes found in Chinese-American restaurants and in Italian restaurants that pick up on the agrodolce theme. My recommendation here is a partly oaked cab or a dry Chardonnay.


Some candies like, candy corn, exhibit a waxy texture. The best pairing to complement that sensory feel is a buttery Chardonnay with enough oak in it to accentuate the vanilla in both.


If you’re lucky enough to have kids whose rejects include chocolate, which is found in half of all candy manufactured worldwide, the best rule of thumb is to follow your nose. The scent of the chocolate should provide clues. If we are talking chocolate and peanut butter, stay away from anything dry. Instead opt for a ruby or even vintage Port.