Served at McDonald’s in New Zealand, the Rosti Brekkie Wrap features a strip of bacon, a fried egg, a slice of cheese, and a potato rosti, all served on a flour tortilla with BBQ sauce. (Image: McDonald’s)

According to industry estimates, New York City is home to some 25,000 restaurants. That’s a lot of restaurants for a single city, even one as large as the Big Apple.

Here’s another remarkable stat for you. Two hundred and fifty of those restaurants — 1% of the total — are branches of the fast food giant McDonald’s. And lest you think that Mickey D’s caters strictly to the get-’em-in, get-’em-out class of eaters, consider that the McDonald’s at 160 Broadway in Manhattan has (or at least had, as of June 2014) a doorman, marble tables, a private dining room, grand piano, wait staff and live music.

Nor is the obsession with this burger empire limited to New Yorkers. Not by a longshot. The McDonald’s Corporation website reports that the chain boast more than 35,000 restaurants in 118 countries. In the U.S. alone, there are better than 16,000 restaurants.

Whether or not you are among those who are “lovin’ it,” there’s no denying McDonald’s is here to stay. Here is a chance to test your knowledge about the McDonald’s brand. But while we’re at it, let’s extend the test to other fast food purveyors as well.

The following 13 questions are about fast food restaurants worldwide. See how many you can answer. Use the comments section at the end of the article. Correct answers will be provided tomorrow.

  1. In what country can you buy a McDonald’s Bacon Roll?
  2. In what Asian nation does McDonald’s sell beer?
  3. In what country can you buy the McDonald’s Bacon Potato Pie?
  4. Because of a copyright conflict Burger King is known by a different name in Australia. What is it?
  5. In what nation does Burger King carry a Black Truffle Angus XT?
  6. In what nation can you order a Frosty at Wendy’s that is flavored with coffee jelly?
  7. Which fast food chain boasts a secret menu that includes items such at Fossil burger featuring 9 beef patties?
  8. What was the unfortunate phrase that resulted from KFC first efforts to translated the slogan “finger lickin’ good” into Chinese?
  9. Chinese KFCs sell a version of what familiar Chinatown staple rice porridge?
  10. In what country did Taco Bell fail twice after advertising itself as a purveyor of “authentic American food”?
  11. What dish associated with American soul food is served at Taco Bell in China?
  12. What menu item is offered at Taco Bell in Japan that is unavailable in the U.S.?
  13. In what country will you find McDonald’s lone vegetarian restaurant?

So how did you do? Were you able to answer any? If your answer is no, console yourself by heading off to a McDonald’s and drowning your sorrows in a chocolate shake.