Image: Lay's Potato Vodka

Every time I think I’ve seen everything, along comes some new gimmick or aberration to set the record straight. Take vodka that tastes like Arby’s Curly Friesplease. Actually, you can’t take it because no sooner had word of the product reached print than it was sold out, seemingly permanently.

Ditto for the latest palate tease: vodka that tastes like Lay’s potato chips. The product hit the streets yesterday, and it is already gone, bought up likely by the same jaded curiosity seekers who rendered curly-fry vodka extinct within hours of its appearance in the market.

The spirit, for what it’s worth, was a collaborative effort between PepsiCo, which bought out the Frito-Lay brand, and Eastside Distilling, whose Portland Potato Vodka was blended with Lay’s proprietary potatoes to create the novelty hybrid.

“This launch was timed for the holidays so our fans who are 21 years old and over can enjoy Lay’s in an exciting, brand-new way at their get-togethers, or can gift Lay’s Vodka to the Lay’s fan in their lives,” Melissa Miranda, Frito-Lay North America’s senior director of marketing, is quoted as having told Yahoo! Finance.

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