Velveeta Teams Up with Chocolatier to Create ‘TruffVel’; BOGO Ramen

Image: Velveeta x Compartés

Chocolate marries well with a number of foods of sufficient complexity that they are curated on their own. Examples include wine, coffee, and even tea (yes, tea).

So why not chocolate and cheese? Better yet, why not chocolate and cheese food? “Food and Wine” reports:

Velveeta has teamed with the Los Angeles-based chocolatier to create the TruffVel, a shell-shaped confection that puts Velveeta’s cheese sauce where it has — more than likely — never been before. The TruffVel, as described in an announcement, is “Compartés sweet white chocolate paired with the creamy delicious bite of Velveeta for a unique sensation unlike any other. The iconic custom shell shape is made to mirror Velveeta Shells and Cheese and was created by infusing Velveeta cheese Sauce into Compartés award-winning chocolate to create a match made in culinary heaven.”

A match made in culinary heaven?

Naturally, you are free to form your own opinion, though you’ll need to fork over $24.95 for the privilege.

BOGO Ramen

Make that “BOKGO.”

Ichiran, the restaurant and retail chain that produces DIY ramen kits, is running a promotion through the end of May where customers receive a gift with every purchase. Buy a single kit and you get a tote. Buy two and you get a hand towel. Buy 3 and you get either a pair of chopsticks or a glass cup. A complete rundown of purchases and associated gifts can be found here. Kits sell for $29 a pop.

The promotion is being offered only at the chain’s Midtown and Times Square stores.

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